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Greetings from Izawa Ceramics. We manufacture flowerpots in Hekinan City, Aichi Prefecture. With its high-quality red clay, Aichi Prefecture is a land where manufacturing industries such as those of roof tiles and flowerpots have flourished since olden times. In 1931, Izawa Ceramics was founded in this area. It has been 87 years since the first flowerpots were made here in by our grandfather’s generation.

We love plants. Therefore, we are not interested in pots without holes. Clay pots with excellent breathability and moisture control are “breathable pots.” In a clay pot with holes, roots and leaves can breathe freely and thus grow healthier. We would like to continue making pots that breathe along with the plants and eventually become a part of the plants themselves.

In 2017, we launched a new original brand. We feel that it is particularly necessary to have clay pots in inside spaces, which are different from the natural environment. We would like to provide clay pots for indoor plants to people all over the world.

Everything we do is for the plants.

Kenji Izawa/Nobuyuki Izawa

Product Design: Yoh Mizoguchi
Cl: いざわせいとう

2017-2018 / Photograph