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Brand New Whisky with Three Pot Stills

The KANOSUKE DISTILLERY went into operation in 2018. The distillery is located among a number of buildings on a spacious, 9,000-square-meter tract of land along the Fukiagehama Beach on the west coast of Kagoshima Prefecture.

Our two-story, U-shaped distillery houses all our distilling equipment, and features a bar with a beautiful view and a shop offering original KANOSUKE merchandise. Visitors to our distillery can see up-close how our whisky is made.
One of the biggest advantages of our distillery is that we have three pot stills instead of two, which is usual for craft distilleries of similar sizes all over the world.
Each of the three pot stills have different neck shapes and lyne arm angle. Both by using different pot stills for redistillation and by blending new make spirits from different stills, we can offer whisky of richer flavors and aromas.

Dir: Sawako Akune, Kentaro Wada (GINGRICH)
W: Sawako Akune

2018 / Photograph